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Glossary of Services

Abstract Management

The PODI Abstract Management Tool handles all aspects of the abstract process, from submission and categorization to judging and evaluations. The tool can be customized based on client-specific requirements for the data collected and submission requirements.

Activity Insights

Our Activity Insights Tool reports on visitor actions in real-time and with details that you won't find on Google Analytics. Our clients are already using the Insights Tool to learn which members are using features on their site, demonstrate value delivered to individuals from member companies, and understand where zip-code searches originate and which zip-codes they are searching.

Ad Views/Clicks

Need to track the number of views and click-throughs on specific ads on your web site? We will create and set up all the necessary tracking code through the Google Analytics Tag Manager to generate the reports and data that you need.

Award Program Judging/Administration

Association members love to show off their work, and award programs are great ways to recognize excellence. Our Awards Module provides online management and administration of awards submission and judging based on the criteria set forth by the client.

Back-Office Integration

Making your back office work together in conjunction with your web site is one of our specialties. Not only does it save on staff work in your office, but it vastly improves the user experience with pre-filled forms, member directories, conference registration, and education records all easily accessible online.


Keeping members and users up-to-date on the latest happenings in your organization is now commonly done using blogs. Our blogs are supported by the same content management system used for your site, so no need to learn two different programs. And blog content can be summarized and emailed as needed to make sure your message is getting read.

Career Center / Job Bank

We offer custom job bank solutions that allow for both employers and job seekers to post information that's either publicly available or password-protected. And if you've already got a third-party career center solution that you love, we'll work with that vendor to integrate it with your web site, and even use the same look-and-feel for a seamless user experience.

Certification Training and Testing

Many associations define certification programs that require participants to demonstrate a level of competency through testing. Our Continuing Education Module helps you create and manage certification and recertification processes.  

Chapter Sites

Looking to provide support to chapters that want a reasonably priced web site that's consistent with the national organization's branding? We build templated sites for chapters as part of your overall site (customized with the chapter's logo and choice of color) that they can update themselves, without having to incur separate hosting fees.

Compound Search

Most organizations today have more than just a Web site presence. Online resources often include professional journals, foundation sites, conference micro-sites, job banks, and more. But site searches often overlook these supporting sites. Our exclusive Compound Search unites all of these resources when performing the search and providing results. Users are thrilled to get comprehensive search results and easily identify which online resources contain their search term.

Conference Agenda Automation

Loading all of your conference information — session titles, times, locations, speakers, speaker bios, and more into a PODI database makes updates and changes a breeze, and allows that information to be generated as content on your conference pages.

Content Management System

Today clients are comfortable maintaining their own site, exercising management controls, and making real-time updates. Our Mura Content Management System (CMS) offering provides the perfect easy-to-use tool for round-the-clock access to site content. The CMS is a feature-rich Open Source solution that is cost-effective and easy to learn.

Need to limit updating by team members to specific sections of your site? Want to approve updates before publishing? Need to recover a deleted page or find a previous version? The Mura CMS is robust enough to handle all of these needs and much more.

Custom Back Office

Have specific back office needs that aren't being met by commercially available applications? When the need arises, we build custom back office applications tailored to your unique needs, providing exactly what you need, without paying for what you don't.

Custom Software

Got an idea for an interesting feature on your site? Our programmers can't wait to make your vision into reality. From apps and databases to unique content structuring, they're all about putting technology to work for you.

Domain and SSL Management

Setting up domains and SSLs can be a tedious task, and keeping track of them to ensure they are renewed in a timely fashion can just be a pain in the neck. Let us handle that for you!

Donation Forms

Giving your members an opportunity to support your organization through donations is made easier through secure e-commerce forms. We'll create the form and ensure the payments are processed through your payment processor of choice. And if it's contributions to Political Action Committees that you're looking for, we'll also include the necessary Prior Approval Forms.


We process thousands of e-commerce transactions on our secure servers, and can handle yours as well! We integrate our forms with your payment processor of choice to ensure transactions flow smoothly from the moment the order is placed to the money arriving in your account.

Education Support

Need to track education activity by members, but don't need a full-blown Learning Management System? Our Simple tracking, testing, and scoring of continuing education tasks. Highlights of our Education Module allow users to:

  • View a Course Catalog.
  • Add courses to their library (only to those given access).
  • View course information, materials, and complete tests for courses in their library.
  • View their transcript.
  • View their certificates.

Education Module administrators have the ability to create and edit courses, create and edit tests, view all Users in the system as well as all courses and transcripts for each User. Admins can also generate reports of Users with specific courses in their User Library and view records of all payments accepted online.

Event Registration

Does your upcoming meeting have a variety of registration options? We create registration forms that include variable registration rates by date, multiple registrants on one form, member/non-member pricing, discount codes, spouse and networking event registration, session-by-session selections, optional tours, golf outings, and just about anything else your meeting offers.

Expo Floor Plan

You can provide an interactive floor plan for your next conference exhibition. We'll create the floorplan map showing the exact expo layout and have each exhibitor's information available with just one click.


Integrate the join/renew process with your back office to collect new member data and pre-populate renewal forms with existing member data. And the payment transaction is securely handled through the payment processor of your choice.

Member Directory

We'll tap into your back office database to generate member directories that are easy to use and always up to date.  Combine your online directory with our Activity Insights to collect information on what visitors are searching for, how often the directory is used, and to provide usage feedback to listed members.

We can also help you define and deploy tiered directory listings so members can add images, brief descriptions, or ads to their entries.

Micro Sites

Annual meeting coming up? Drive interest and excitement while providing all of the meeting information in a specially designed micro-site. Micro sites can be hosted on the same server as your primary site, with content editing performed in the same content management system.

News Releases

Post all of your latest news on your web site, and feature the most recent news releases on the home page. Post it once, have it appear in multiple places!

Online Calendars

Whether you like your events displayed in a traditional calendar format or in a list format, all you need to do it set up one entry in the content management system and it can be displayed any way you want. And upcoming events can be highlighted on your home page too!

Online Elections

Our team creates the online ballot, provides a unique voting URL for each eligible voter, records votes, and provides real time tracking. Ballot options can be tailored to specific member types or regions by integrating with a member database.

Online Store

Selling products on your web site has never been easier. We'll set up a custom store that allows you to make sales, add appropriate shipping fees, and collect taxes (when necessary). If you are selling downloadable documents, we'll take care of providing the links to the user after the purchase is complete.

Publications Management

Do you know where last year's annual report is on your website? Do your site visitors know? Your website has been around for a while and it is chock-full of information. But, where is it? Why can't users find what they want? We have the solution: a Publications Manager that allows you to easily classify documents, add them to your library, set access controls, and make them available through a user-friendly search that effortlessly guides users to the document they need.

Combined with our Activity Insights tool we can report on what documents are being searched for and accessed.

Responsive Design

Today, every web site must be optimized for responsive design so that it looks good regardless of whether the user is viewing it on a phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a monster monitor — and every PODI web site is responsive-ready from the day it launches.

Single Sign-On

Ever need to login twice to access member services? You may have purchased different software packages over the years, but there is no reason why they cannot work together. Have back-office software? Or a Career Center provided by a third-party? Or a voting module that stands alone? We can build the software "glue" that brings all your services into a single solution.

Spam Filtering Service

Web forms are under attack like never before. Online forms are constantly being used by attackers to probe for website weaknesses. Simple Contact Us forms as well as more complex e-Commerce forms are all targeted. Our unique filtering tool provides enhanced spam detection on online form submissions, using 14 different techniques to analyze, detect, and dramatically reduce unwanted submissions of online forms.

Sponsor Support

Don't forget your sponsors! Potomac Digitek will help find ways for you to feature them on your web site using scrolling sponsor logos, feature boxes on the home page, sponsor pages, or strategically placed sponsor promos.

Third-Party Integration

Who puts it all together? We do. There are a lot of third-party products out in the marketplace and the PODI has integration experience with most of them. Our technical team designs, develops, and deploys the software connections needed to make features work across multiple product sets.

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