One of the first questions I ask when designing a new web site with a client is, “Who is the audience?”

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  • Feb 28, 2023
  • By Marie J. Liebetrau, President, Potomac Digitek

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One of the first questions I ask when designing a new web site with a client is, “Who is the audience?”

It doesn’t matter if they have been with us for 25 years (as some have) or if we’re just meeting with them for the first time. The primary audience for your site should match your strategic plan. And that strategic plan is ever-evolving.

If your organization’s primary goal for the next three years is to grow membership among recent graduates and in younger age brackets, then your primary audience is potential members who meet those criteria.

Adapt your site to demonstrate the value of membership to those folks to entice them to join. Make sure those benefits are featured front and center! Discounted rates for meetings and webinars, affinity programs to save them money, featured placement in searches to get them more business. What can you offer them?

“But what about existing members?” you’re asking me. “We don’t want to forget them! They are our bread and butter.”

Of course we’re not going to alienate the existing members. But don’t you think the some of the same member benefits you’re highlighting to your target audience are also benefits that will keep your existing membership renewing?

So just keep your eye on the prize and keep the content tailored to your primary (and secondary) audience. Don’t get derailed.

One final thought on reaching your target audience before I let you go…This one comes from actual experience. It’s important to pay homage to your founding members, but perhaps the top of the home page is not the best spot for an obituary.

Just some food for thought.

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