Think about what your members and clients want and need, then give it to them up front.

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What Do Your Members REALLY Need?

  • Mar 21, 2023
  • By Marie J. Liebetrau, President, Potomac Digitek

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While helping my daughter with her homework the other night, she asked me, "How do you spell antagonist?"

This instantly brought me back to my childhood when my parents' response to me asking a question like that was always, "Just look it up." And, of course, the ensuing frustration I would feel knowing that they already knew how to spell the word. Why couldn't they just tell me how to spell it and we could all move on?

And similar interactions play out every day between our clients and their members or customers. The member calls the main line because they don't remember their member number and they just want someone to tell them without a lot of fuss. But your staff are likely involved in 800 other projects at the moment, so this phone call seems like a huge interruption.

The solution to this issue is to answer the question before they ask. Make sure it's easy and quick for your members to log in to the website and find the most needed information right away. If your login scheme is too hard for them to remember, then you need to address that. If you require members to provide their member number to receive affinity discounts, then the member number needs to be prominently shown upon login.

Just think about what your members and clients want and need, then give it to them up front.

Oh, and circling back to the start of this whole story, I'm sure you've already guessed that my response to my daughter's original question was, "Just look it up." Because how else could I have responded? I'm the parent now.

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