Solutions that Deliver
Ever buy software that didn't work? Or learn too late that features you thought you were getting aren't available or don't work as expected? Our solutions work. We deliver the features we promise. We back it up with service and support after the sale. Period.
Integration that Works
There are many good software products out there, but they don't often interact well. Since 1994 we've been knitting disparate products into working solutions. Whether you are seeking a Single Sign-on, Back Office integration, or a holistic approach to your online assets. We're ready to make it work.
Exceptional Service and Support
We stand behind everything we design, build, and deploy. Our servers and websites are monitored 24/7. And when clients have questions or concerns, we're only a phone call or email away. It's been that way for twenty years!
Focused on Client Success
It's your business. We take that seriously. It's not just about Social Media. It's about providing all the services users expect today AND ensuring your organization's business gets done. We're here to make our clients successful on the Web.
"Your website should work for you, not the other way around."
Next Generation SEO
It's no longer enough to drive traffic to your site, you need to convert that traffic into results. But how do you know if visitors are buying, registering, or logging in? And how can you determine if your site's features are enticing them into action? Our Activity Insights Tool reports on visitor actions in real-time and with details that you won't find on Google Analytics. Our clients are already using the Insights Tool to learn which members are using their site, demonstrate value delivered to individuals from member companies, and understand where zip-code searches originate and which zip-codes they are searching.

Pair this with our new SEO Guidance CMS add-on and your website starts working for you!
Organize and Find Documents
Do you know where last year's annual report is on your website? Do your site visitors know? Your website has been around for a while and it is chock-full of information. But, where is it? Why can't users find what they want? We have the solution: a Publications Manager that allows you to easily classify documents, add them to your library, set access controls, and make them available through a user-friendly search that effortlessly guides users to the document they need. No more "Where did I put that?" or "I can't find it!" calls from your users.

Self-managed Content
Today clients are comfortable maintaining their own site, exercising management controls, and making real-time updates. Our Mura Content Management System (CMS) offering provides the perfect easy-to-use tool for round-the-clock access to site content. The CMS is a feature-rich Open Source solution that is cost-efective and easy to learn. Whether you are a team of one or a hundred, the Mura CMS can handle your website management needs.

NEW! Our CMS now comes with SEO Guidance for every page on your website!
A Cohesive User Experience
Ever need to login twice to access member services? You may have purchased different software packages over the years, but there is no reason why they cannot work together. Have Back Office software? Or a Career Center provided by a third-party? Or a voting module that stands alone? We can build the software "glue" that brings all your services into a single solution
We currently have more than 150 active client engagements and have worked with thousands of organizations over the years. Here are just a few examples of our recent work.
National Association of Chemical Distributors
  • Custom Design
  • Responsive Format
  • Content Management
Maryland Vein Professionals
  • Custom Design
  • Responsive Format
  • Appointment Scheduling Tool
National Association of Senior Move Managers
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Back Office built by PODI
  • Publications Manager
  • Activity Insights Tool
American Council of Engineering Companies
  • Responsive Format
  • Avectra Back Office
  • Content Management System
  • Publications Manager
National Association of Agricultural Educators
  • Custom Design
  • Filemaker Back Office
When Potomac Digitek was founded in 1994 few people understood how the Web would grow to play such a crucial role in all our lives. But throughout those twenty years our team has remained focused on providing technical expertise, the latest features, solid project management, and outstanding support to hundreds of Associations and Non-profits. Our years of experience and broad range of services can help your organization get the most out of your online presence.
Solutions that make sense
We're not here to sell you more than you need or shoe-horn you into a product that doesn't quite fit. We will sit down with you and map out a solution based on your specific needs and our twenty years of experience. The end result will "fit" as it is tailored to your organization's unique needs.
Service that sets us apart
We're here. We've been here since 1994, providing Program Management, building solutions we stand behind, and ready to lend a hand or make corrections whenever needed. Our dedicated Support Team is just a phone call or email away.
Broad range of capabilities
We're a Web development team that can cover everything from Project Management to Graphic Design and from Programming to Hosting. We've worked with more than 1,000 organizations and have developed Web-based programs that cover conference sites to voting, education to certification, back offices to buyers' guides, and much more.
Delivering value
Whether you measure your site's success by ROI, visitor activity, or sales, our solutions provide the value clients are seeking. Our Web services will contribute to your organization's overall online success. Join the more than 150 active clients who are benefiting from our services today!
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